6 important things to keep in your child’s bedroom

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Furnishing a room for a child is a fun activity for everybody in the family and it helps your child express their interests and excitement. Your child’s room gives them a sense of belonging, control, and sanctuary in their life. It is important for both you and your child to get the room furnished in … Read more

3 important nursery furniture basics

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Here at Mom’s Bunk House, we talk a lot about furniture for kids – and we’re usually talking about school-aged children. However, we also carry a great selection of nursery furniture, and we know that for many new parents, furnishing a bedroom for your new baby can be a challenge. Unlike an older child, an … Read more

Tips for decorating your nursery

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Planning and decorating a nursery is an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Whether it is your first child or your third, getting the nursery ready for your little bundle of joy is an experience you will never forget. Regardless of the anticipation you are experiencing, decorating a nursery can be stressful, especially … Read more

The tops benefits of kids’ ceiling fans

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There are many wonderful benefits to integrating ceiling fans into your home, especially when it comes to your kids’ rooms. While many people opt to have a ceiling fan installed in their living room, dining room, and kitchen, the bedrooms are oftentimes neglected. Believe it or not, but there are numerous reasons why you should … Read more

Tips for decorating a shared kids’ bedroom

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There are many different scenarios in which your kids may be sharing a bedroom, whether you simply don’t have enough rooms in your home or you are trying to encourage sibling bonding. Depending on their age, a joint bedroom could be a welcome thought, as it will allow them to share ideas and aspirations and … Read more