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Using the power of Nostalgia for your kid’s bedroom furniture

Kid's bedroom furniture
Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. At no cost to you, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

There is something about that old rocking chair that your mother used to hold you in, which brings back memories. Whether you have one of these or not, it’s always a good idea to keep a piece of family furniture in your kid’s bedroom to add a warm, loving touch to their day when things are tense at home.

When your child has had a bad day, it is always nice for them to go to their room and reflect by themselves a bit. Why not have a small recliner in their room to calm them? Mom’s Bunk House has a wide selection of rocking chairs, recliners, beanbag chairs and other nifty furniture to decorate as kid’s bedroom furniture that can last over the years and beyond.

What can be kid’s bedroom furniture?


These types of furniture have a great effect of remembrance and nostalgia, which always have positive effects on your child when they need a time-out or a few minutes by themselves. Recliners are built so sturdy these days that you can purchase one before your child is born to rock them to sleep and use it until they are totally grown. Fabric upholstery tends to last longer than leather if maintained, but leather is much easier to keep clean and maintain. Either way, both are excellent choices for your child’s room.


Rockers are great as furniture and décor due to their ability to be customized, colored, and also graphics that truly reflect what your child holds interest in. The only drawback to this type of furniture is that unlike recliners, they lack certain sophistication due to their tendency to be very colorful and cartoon-like and if you don’t plan on buying more furniture in the near future, your child may grow out of this kind of furniture quickly. If is much easier to have your child grow into a style of furniture, because growing into sophistication adds value to their character, but having your child linger in a stage of their life could be detrimental to their character. It would be a bit silly to have a 14 year old still watching Dora The Explorer, which is a cartoon meant for children of a much younger age.


Books are the on the forefront of learning, and regular reading should be established as young as possible. We have bookcases designed with their favorite characters to attract your child to read at a younger age than they would normally hold interest to. If you are interested in keeping your child’s room in a certain class, we also have solid wood bookcases that will instill a strong sense of calm and quiet in their room. Mom’s Bunk House also has varying sizes in bookcase sets to keep your boy or girl’s reading unlimited.

Whether your children are just learning to express themselves or if they have been long overdue for a creativity overhaul, adding these furniture items to their room will greatly improve their mood and sense of belonging to your family.

It is also a great family activity – unpacking and assembling furniture together. Structured events like this grant your child the opportunity to express their sense of interest and curiosity in putting things together as a team.

If you have browsed our selection of furniture, be sure to check out your items and we will have them delivered to your home. If you haven’t yet seen our extensive collection of bunk beds and other furniture, check it out here!