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House bunk bed

house bunk bed
Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. At no cost to you, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

What is a house bunk bed?

A house bunk bed is household furniture that combines sleeping and leisure. The furniture is thus presented with the traditional arrangements of the bunk bed. Indeed, two mattresses fit together from a metal or wooden structure. But where the similarities end is that everything is covered with a second hut-shaped structure that surmounts the top mattress or, entirely, the entire bed. Another difference with a bunk bed is what adds to its design. The house bunk beds have a staircase for going up and down and a storage space for linen or clothes.

In its general appearance, this arrangement gives the impression of seeing a real house in the child’s room. Impression amplified by the fact that the part recalls the huts at the top of the trees. There is no doubt that this furniture brings a touch of originality to the children’s room.

And since children seem to have an unlimited amount of personal items they collect, a good source of storage is essential for their bedroom. With a maximized space, the house bunk beds often have cupboards and shelves underneath, which greatly facilitates organization in the bedroom. Adapted to receive two to three children at the same time, the house bunk beds are not necessarily used to put children to sleep. Indeed, some models include small desks under the bed to allow your little angels to devour a book or to study.
Add to that the secure side walls that wrap around this type of model and help them create their own universe, making your child’s room less scary at night.

The criteria for choosing a house bunk bed

Whenever you buy furniture for your child, you will always need to ensure the highest level of security. The safety of your little bits should be your top priority and this applies when purchasing house bunk bed. To help you find which model is best for you, certain characteristics must also be carefully studied, including: quality, originality, price, size, etc. Focus on these key elements!


It goes without saying that the bunk beds of your choice must be of high quality. This usually includes models designed with solid wood or metal materials. For safety reasons, it is advisable to use benches designed for younger children to avoid a risky fall.


When you plan to buy a bunk bed for your children, opt for original models with quality accessories, including shelves and drawers, to obtain additional storage space.


Do not skip the steps by wanting to directly adopt an overpriced piece of furniture which could later create more anxiety than relief. It is safe to say that furniture is always considered an important investment. For frames with features like storage and play, be prepared to pay more.


The size of the house bunk beds can vary considerably, which means that this type of versatile bedding is suitable for both small children and older children. To reassure you of the correct size, we recommend that you use your child’s bedroom measurements as a starting point.

Age of children

Although the bunk beds are nice and conform to the tastes and expectations of children, you should also think about considering their ages. For toddlers, it is more recommended to put them to sleep in the lower part of the bed. In this sense, sophisticated models are better suited for older children.

The height under ceiling

To avoid putting your child in a rather uncomfortable situation such as having his head touching the ceiling, we advise you first to take a measurement of the dimension in the vertical direction, from the base to the top of the room and compare the result with that of the model.

The place of the ladder and the opening of the house

The ladders on the house bunk beds are generally well adjusted, but when it comes to coordination, it’s best to use bunks especially for the older ones. This is especially important when dealing with crossing the bed.

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